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25 November 2022: Funding Sources added for Scientific Concepts in Inspec Analytics Plus

This addition enables users to assess which organisations have funded the most research for their specific field of study and where this is increasing over time. With these insights, research professionals can focus their efforts on the most relevant sources for their projects, increasing the efficiency of their funding search and potentially finding new funding sources to investigate.

Utilising information from articles indexed in Inspec, lists of funding bodies are now available for all 10,000+ Controlled Terms and 3,500+ Subject Classifications in Inspec Analytics.

The top funders tile on each concept page shows funding bodies that have funded the most articles on your selected term in the specified date range. Click on the Funders heading to view and compare all funders for your selected scientific concept.

This new functionality is only available users with an Inspec Analytics Plus subscription. Inspec Analytics Plus offers additional data sets and functionality to expand the Inspec Analytics experience.

Funders for scientific concepts

The Top funders panel on the scientific concept page shows the top 20 funders on the selected scientific concept (controlled term or subject classification) in the specified date range.

Click on the Funders heading to view all funding sources for articles in this scientific concept. Specify your desired timeframe, utilise the graph to see trends over time, and filter results using advanced search features to identify funders by name, location, or article count.