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About Inspec Analytics

In 2019, The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) released Inspec Analytics, a research intelligence tool to help research professionals explore global trends in physics, engineering and technology research.

Precision analytics for research excellence

Understand your place in the global engineering research landscape, evaluate your research performance and make strategic decisions about the direction of your projects with Inspec Analytics, a dynamic tool based on the IET’s renowned Inspec database.

Our dynamic research intelligence tool allows you to uncover trends and patterns to explore the research landscape around the elements most valuable to you.

  • Assess your organisation’s research output and impact.
  • Evaluate the success of collaborative partnerships.
  • Deepen your understanding of global scientific trends.
  • Define the scope of research initiatives to maximise your impact.

Inspec Analytics is included with the Inspec subscription.

A legacy of excellence

Built on Science Abstracts, which dates back to 1898, the IET’s research database, Inspec, has been delivering access to engineering intelligence since 1969.

Owing to the precision and accuracy of its indexing, Inspec has become the authoritative resource for accessing scientific literature across engineering, physics and computer science, serving numerous prestigious institutions and tens of thousands of users around the world.

Now, as the role of scholarly communications is evolving, the IET is utilising this legacy to provide new solutions, in response to the increasing need to assess the value and impact of research, and guide business strategy.

Why Inspec Analytics?

Engineering is global and increasingly multi-disciplinary - so it can be a challenge to identify the next hot topic of research or a distinct competitive advantage.

Inspec Analytics enables research professionals to explore beyond the literature in Inspec to uncover trends and patterns that were previously locked away, across a wide range of physics and engineering disciplines at both local and global levels.

With these insights, you can set the direction for your research outputs and monitor their impact.

How does it work?

We’ve used semantic technology to connect each element of the literature indexed in our Inspec database, e.g. author, organisation, publication, date, subject keywords etc. to create the Inspec knowledge graph.

Inspec Analytics allows you to navigate this map of science to identify and compare research trends across thousands of organisations and scientific concepts.

Support your strategic planning

Use the research intelligence from Inspec Analytics to support your strategic planning:

  • Monitor the research output of your institution and see how this ranks globally
  • Benchmark an institution against collaborators and competitors to find strengths and areas for growth
  • Monitor global trends for over 14,000 research topics to explore new fields and find collaborators.