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Organisations Controlled Terms Page

Understanding the view

Follow the guide below or skip to our walkthrough video.

  1. The table displays all the controlled terms associated with research from your selected organisation. Terms appear listed in order of research output with the highest total number of articles at the top. Click on a column heading to change or reverse the order.
  2. For each term you will see the total number of articles among all organisations publishing on that subject.
  3. The percentage change column shows the total change in research output over the selected time period.
  4. Inspec Analytics Plus only: The times cited column shows the total number of times these articles have been cited. The average times cited shows the average number of citations per article.
  5. For each term you can see the number of author names for articles associated with the selected concept and organisation. Click on the number to view and explore the list of authors in the Authors Page.
  6. Inspec Analytics Plus only: The collaborating organisations column shows the number of organisations collaborating with the selected organisation on the selected subject. Click on the number to view and explore all organisations collaborating on the selected subject in more detail.
  7. For each term you will see where this output ranks the organisation among all organisations publishing on that subject.
  8. Search for a term using the search box, or click "Advanced" for advanced search options:   
    1. Use the drop-down to select "Include" of "Exclude" search terms.
    2. Add multiple conditions. Each condition will be treated as "OR".
    3. Search for whole words, partial words or start typing to see suggestions and select a controlled term.
    4. Remove conditions by clicking on the corresponding X or by clicking "remove all".
    5. Click "Apply" to see your results.
  9. To compare output for a number of terms, select your chosen subjects and click "update graph". The line graph at the top will display the research output for each of your selected subjects over time. Hover over the points to display the number of articles and percentage change for each year. This shows the total percentage change of article across the selected years. The arrow indicates an increase or decrease in article output. Inspec Analytics Plus only: citations are also displayed when hovering over points in the graph.

    To display your results as a histogram chart, select the toggle at the top. Inspec Analytics Plus only: Use the drop-down to update the histogram to show number of articles, number of citations or average number of citations.

  10. Filter the date range of your results using the "From" and "to" drop-down selections.

Exporting your insights

Click on "Export as PDF" at the top of the page to download your current view. The PDF includes a link to your view so you can see return directly to the data in the future.

Inspec Analytics Plus only: You can also choose to download your insights as an Excel file.

Inspec Analytics organisation controlled terms page video