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1 December 2021: New features and data released for Inspec Analytics, including Extended Search

New ‘Extended Search’ functionality

The new ‘Extended Search’ functionality improves the search results to help direct users towards potentially relevant entities. This feature automatically appears for any search originating from the main search bar, visible at the top of any Inspec Analytics page.

This new Extended Search queries content from the Inspec database for the same time period covered in Inspec Analytics (currently 2013-2021), looking for the query term anywhere in the abstract, title, indexing or bibliographic data in the records. It then then it brings back the top Controlled Terms for that set of items and presents it within the search results in a panel labelled “You might be interested in:”.

This powerful new tool allows users to not only see search results that match their query string, but also additional controlled terms that may also be relevant to their interests .

New data imported, now showing data from 2021

The latest update of Inspec Analytics added a large slice of data for more content published in 2020 and 2021. All percent change calculations have been updated across the platform to reflect the data from 2013-2020. Partial data is now showing for content published in 2021, indicated by a dotted line on trend charts.