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Inspec Analytics user guide

Access to Inspec Analytics is governed by IP address recognition, so if your institution has an Inspec subscription you should be able to go straight in without any barriers.

Scientific Concepts

Controlled Terms
The Inspec Thesaurus is a terminology based subject index containing 10,000+ Controlled Index Terms. The controlled terms are interrelated to allow the retrieval of information related to very specific topics, or to broaden a search through the addition of extra terms.

  • Broader terms: less specific concepts which contain the selected term as a narrower term.
  • Narrower terms: show sub-categories of the selected term for more detailed and refined analysis.
  • Related terms: other related concepts to the selected term. May be alternative methods, other subatomic particles, or related theories as defined in the Inspec Thesaurus.

Subject Classifications
Inspec classification provides a hierarchical breakdown of the subjects covered in the database. There are more than 3,500 classification codes which can be used to focus your search on specific subject areas within Inspec. This detailed hierarchy allows you to drill down through up to five levels of subject classification.

  • Parent classifications: a subject classification that is broader than the selected subject classification.
  • Sibling classifications: other classifications that are at the same level in the Inspec classification hierarchy. This may signify other closely related areas of study.
  • Children classifications: more specific (narrower) sub-topics within the Inspec classification hierarchy.


Inspec Analytics allows you to monitor research output and compare trends across more than 30,000 global organisations.

Inspec uses the Ringgold Identify Database, a trusted source of organisational information widely used throughout the research industry, during the article mapping process to standardize data and ensure reliable figures for organisational output.