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21 June 2021: Join the Inspec team for a webcast hosted by Research Information

You'll hear the latest from the Institution of Engineering and Technology and see how Inspec on EBSCO’s platforms helps librarians, faculty and researchers discover easy ways to find collaborators, identify research white space, and assess their institutions’ output.

This presentation is no longer available

Speakers include:

Vincent Cassidy, Director of Academic Markets at the Institution of Engineering and Technology

Vincent has 30 years’ of experience in the information business and has been engaged in digital transformation. He is interested in how changing forms of communication impact user behaviours and how information providers respond to this dynamic.

Tim Aitken, Senior Product Manager for Inspec

Tim joined the Institution of Engineering and Technology in 2016 as Product Manager of Inspec, having worked in scientific data management for over 15 years. Tim worked for several scientific software and database companies before moving into experimental data management and research workflow solutions, specialising in scientific data visualisation and query applications.

Moderator: Tim Gillett, Editor, Research Information