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Inspec Analytics

01 - Homepage

Follow the guide below or skip to our walkthrough video.

On the home page there are links to the different analytics sets you can explore, with a description of the kind of insights you can find in each.

Inspec Analytics Homepage


  1. Organisations: Click on the organisations box to view and search all organisations on the organisations list page.
  2. Subject classifications: Click on the subject classifications box to view and search all subject classifications on the subject classifications list page.
  3. Click on the controlled terms box to view and search all controlled terms on the controlled terms list page.

At the top of each page, you’ll also find links to useful information about Inspec Analytics:

  1. About: Find out more about Inspec Analytics.
  2. What’s new: Take a look at the latest features from Inspec Analytics.
  3. User guide: Download or browse the Inspec Analytics this user guide.
  4. Contact us: Find contact details for your regional representative and technical support.

Inspec Analytics homepage video