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7th October 2019: New to Inspec Analytics - find subject specialists at an organisation

We’re very excited to announce that you can now explore top authors for an organisation for specific subject areas in Inspec Analytics! We’ve also added some new updates to help enhance your search results. Continue reading to find out more:

Enhancements to searching:

When you search for an organisation or controlled term, you can use acronyms, abbreviations and related terms or synonyms to find relevant results. This useful enhancement makes it even easier to search in Inspec Analytics. We’ve also added clear details to explain why these results have been found.

For example, if you search for ‘UCL’ in the organisations page, you will now find University College London as well as UCLA, UCLM and UCLan as they all include ‘UCL’ within the abbreviated version of their organisation name.

Inspec Analytics will also return alternate names or subsidiary names containing your search term. For example, if you search for ‘renewable’ in the organisations page, you will now find multiple organisations which contain ‘renewable’ in their name such as National Renewable Energy Laboratory, as well as organisations like WIP Munich, which has the subsidiary WIP Renewable Energies.

On the controlled terms page, you can now search for common acronyms. If you search for ‘FPGA’ for example it will return ‘field programmable gate arrays’, and searching for ‘IOT’ will return ‘Internet of Things’.

In the same way, you can now search for a controlled term using a synonym or related keyword in your search.

For example, searching ‘atmosphere’ would previously only return the eight controlled terms that contain the word. Now your search results will contain controlled terms which are closely related to the concept of ‘atmosphere’ – including ‘air pollution’, ‘solar corona’ and ‘chromosphere.’ This means it is easier to find a subject you are interested in, without having to know the exact terminology used in Inspec.

Explore authors for an organisation:

Our new feature allows you to view the full list of authors for the research output on specific subjects at each organisation.

To access the list of author names within controlled terms, search for your selected organisation, for example Aalborg University and then click on the controlled terms button on the left-hand menu. This will then take you to the controlled terms page where you can now see the number of authors for each term.

By clicking on the number of authors for your selected controlled term you can access the list of author names. From the full list you can use the search bar on the right to find a specific author*.

This exciting update, allows you to find potential collaborators on a specific subject, identify researchers you may want to approach for recruitment or highlight the experts in a field to join a cross-disciplinary team. The authors list displays who at an organisation has published the most articles related to any one of our controlled terms.

*you may notice multiple instances of authors with similar names appearing on your results. This is due to variations in their name used in the published work.  This list is not intended to represent a complete summary of an author’s research output and should not be taken as such – it is a representation of author names in the Inspec database, associated with a specific organisation and Inspec controlled term.

We value your feedback – please contact Inspec Support to report errors and corrections.