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4th July 2018 update: Advanced Search is now live

We’ve just added a huge 250,000 additional items to the Inspec Analytics database, bringing the total number of articles from 3.35 to 3.6million! There are also now over 24,000 organisations to explore.

This brings Inspec Analytics up-to-date for articles published up to the end of 2017.

We’d also like to introduce a valuable new feature in the Organisation search that allows you to compare selected organisations:

Advanced search:

You can now select organisations in the Organisation Page by adding multiple filters to the search, rather than just one. e.g. before you could search for ‘Cambridge’ and you would see all organisations with ‘Cambridge’ in the name, but nothing else.

Now users can see and compare for example, University of Cambridge and University of Oxford and Harvard University and any organisations with ‘Engineering’ in the name – all in the one table by using the Advanced search option.

Choose to include or exclude organisations from your list based on part or the whole of their names.

You can also still filter by year so this provides a high level comparison of research output across the top-level Inspec classifications.