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30th January 2019: New features to help you share insights

We’re very excited to announce some new functionality that will allow you to navigate your insights more easily, export copies and share reports with colleagues.

User Guide and About Inspec Analytics

You can now see links to our User Guide and About Inspec Analytics at the top of every page. These will lead you to our Inspec Analytics website where you’ll find useful reference material and web pages explaining how to use the different features in Inspec Analytics as well as a downloadable user guide.

You can also see links at the bottom of each page to different sections of the Inspec Analytics website, including user guide sections, news and contact details.

Organisation List page

You’ll notice we’ve changed the appearance of coverage in the organisation list page. This now appears as a circle graphic to make it easier to see the proportion of subject coverage for each organisation’s research output:

Organisation Profile

You can now see an organisation’s overall ranking on their Organisation Profile. This shows how an organisation ranks for the total number of articles, compared with other organisations within Inspec. With thousands of global organisations in Inspec, how do you rank?

Organisation Comparison Page

We’ve also added a link to the Organisation Comparison directly from the Organisation Profile. This makes it easier to move from analysing one organisation to comparing multiple organisations. Click on the compare organisations link on the left menu to add organisations to your comparison.

Now you can also add or delete organisations within the Organisation Comparison page, without having to go back to the full Organisations List page:

Save the URL

Now, you can save the url of your selected organisations for comparison. This means you can revisit and update your search quickly at a later date or share the comparison with your colleagues. The url will include your chosen organisations, subject level and selected date range.

Export to PDF

Another great new feature is that you can now export your insights as pdf. Currently you can download the Organisation Profile, details from the Organisation Comparison and Concept Pages and the Organisation and Concepts List pages. Look out for the “Export to PDF” button at the top of the page.

We’ll be continuing to improve these so look out for more updates on this feature coming soon.