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27th March 2019: Updates to controlled term and subject classification list pages

New details included in the controlled term and subject classification list pages:

Our controlled terms and subject classification list pages allow you search for an engineering concept to explore global trends in a specific field. Now, you can also see useful details to help you decide which concept might be of most interest.

Controlled terms

Alongside the full list of controlled terms and subject classifications, you’ll now see the following:

  • Number of articles: Total number of articles indexed with each term
  • Number of co-occurring controlled terms and subject classifications: useful for seeing how specific or broadly interconnected a term is.
  • Number of organisations publishing on that concept: useful for seeing how common or niche a subject is.
  • Number of journals and conferences publishing on that concept: Useful for seeing if concepts are more frequently discussed at conferences or in journals. This is also useful to assess the potential publishing opportunities.

Your results can also be sorted on any of these columns, so you can find relevant topics in line with your research priorities.

New line graphs for controlled terms over time:

We've updated the organisation trend chart view to display research output as a line graph. This makes it easier to see and compare how an organisation’s research output for different controlled terms has changed over time.

You can also now sort by the number of articles for each controlled term or highest global rankings to identify an organisation’s strengths more quickly.

To compare output for a number of terms, select your chosen terms and click “update graph”. The line graph at the top will display the research output for each of your selected terms over time. Hover over the points to display the number of articles for each year.

You can also search for specific controlled terms using the search box or click “Advanced” for advanced search options.

Controlled terms trend line

This example shows how Imperial College’s output on AI & medical image processing have significantly increased while their output on particle physics related terms have decreased (since the end of the CERN project in 2013/14).