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26th September 2018: Concept pages are now live

We are pleased to announce a brand-new feature in Inspec Analytics today.

Concept Pages allow you to explore global trends and related topics for any of Inspec’s Controlled Terms and Classification Codes:

Concept page

This allows you to:

  • Explore how research output has changed globally over time for specific subjects
  • Discover related fields you may want to explore
  • Identify the most prolific universities to find collaborators and benchmark your organisation

Each concept page shows:

  • Controlled Term/ Classification Code name
  • Publishing trend over time (5 years)- the number of articles which have been published in Inspec with the given term
  • Top 20 co-occurring Controlled Terms- the most commonly used Controlled Terms which appear on articles with this term
  • Top 20 co-occurring Classification Codes- the most commonly used Classification Codes which appear on articles with this term
  • Top 20 organisations- publishing on this concept. Clicking on these links takes users through to the Organisation’s page
  • Related Controlled Terms in the Inspec Thesaurus- broader, narrower or related terms linked to this concept that users may wish to explore
  • Related Classification Codes- classification codes which are related to the concept, if applicable

You can access the concept pages by clicking on a term in the organisation view word cloud or by selecting "Controlled Terms" or "Classification codes" from the homepage.

Homepage controlled terms


Word cloud concept page

Unlike automated indexes, Inspec has been human curated by subject experts who understand the context a term is used in. This means there is no confusion between concepts with similar or identical names e.g. Mercury the planet and Mercury the element.

Concept - identical name


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