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24th April 2019: Smarter searching and clearer graphs

Today's release sees some refinements that will make it easier to find and interpret research trends:

Improved searching for organisations and concepts:

We’ve made some enhancements to our search functionality to make it even easier to find the organisations and concepts you’re looking for. When you start typing in any of our search boxes you see a list of suggestions. In the past these were listed alphabetically, which meant the most prolific organisations and popular concepts were not always easy to see. Now, suggestions are ordered by research output so it’s faster to find the most prolific organisations and frequently used concepts.

New line graphs for subject classifications over time:

In the last release we changed the ‘trends over time’ display for an organisation’s controlled terms to the line chart. This makes it easier to see and compare how research output has changed over time for different fields. Now, we’ve updated the display for subject classification codes as well. You can still drill down through the Inspec subject classifications using the “drill down” link next to each subject classification or switch to the galaxy chart using the toggle at the top of the page:

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