05 - Subject Classification Drill Down

Understanding the view

Galaxy chart view


  1. Hover over each of the subject classifications to see the number of articles indexed for your selected organisation
  2. or click to drill down to the next level of detail. You can drill down up to five levels through the Inspec subject classification thesaurus. An example of this is:
    • Electrical engineering and electronics
      • Power systems and applications
        • Generating stations and plants
          • Thermal power stations and plants
            • Gas-turbine power stations and plants
  3. The number or articles are also shown in the table below.
  4. Filter the date range of your results using the “From” and “to” drop-down selections.
  5. Zoom into the graph using the plus and minus buttons.
  6. Filter by subject classification and update the graph by clicking "Update graph".
  7. Switch to the Trend Chart using the toggle at the top.

Drilling down through the Inspec subject classifications

Drilling down through the Inspec subject classifications
  1. Hover over each subject to see the full classification name and number of articles.
  2. A grey circle indicates there are no further levels to view.
  3. The "breadcrumb" at the top shows your path. You can click any point in the "breadcrumb" to drill back up to return to higher levels of detail.