Inspec Analytics

13 - Subject classification list page

Understanding the view

Follow our guide below or skip to our walkthrough video.

  1. Subject classifications appear listed in order of research output indexed in Inspec with the highest total number of articles at the top.
  2. For each subject classification you can see the number of articles indexed with the subject and number of co-occurring controlled terms and co-occurring subject classifications.
  3. The percentage change column shows total change in output as a percentage over the selected time period. 
  4. In the last three columns, you can see the number of organisations, journals and conferences associated with articles indexed under each controlled term.
  5. Search for a subject classification using the search box at the top of the table. Start typing to see suggestions or press "enter" to see results including your search term. Click "Advanced" to see advanced search options:
    1. Use the drop-down to select "Include" of "Exclude" search terms.
    2. Add multiple conditions. Each condition will be treated as "OR".
    3. Search for whole words, partial words or start typing to see suggestions and select a subject classification.
    4. Remove conditions by clicking on the corresponding X or by clicking "remove all".
    5. Click "Apply" to see your results.
  6. Click on a term to go to the Concept Page for that subject classification.

Exporting your insights

Click on "Export as PDF" at the top of the page to download your current view. The PDF includes a link to your view so you can return directly to the data in the future.

Inspec Analytics subject classification list page video