Inspec Analytics

17 - Journals and Conferences for subject classifications

These pages allow you to analyse the journals and conferences that publish most frequently on your chosen subject.

Understanding the view

a) The table displays the list of journals or conferences that have been published on the selected subject classification.

b) For each publication you will see the total number of articles indexed under that subject classification code, with the highest total number of articles at the top.

c) To compare research output for a number of publications, select your chosen publications and click “update graph”. 

d) The line graph at the top will display the research output for each of your publications over time. Hover over the points to display the number of articles for each year.

e) Filter the date range of your results using the “From” and “to” drop-down selections.

f) Use the search box to search for a specific publication.

Exporting your insights

Click on “Export as PDF” at the top of the page to download your current view. The PDF includes a link to your view so you can return directly to the data in the future.