03 - Organisation Comparison Page

Understanding the view

Detailed comparison


  1. The histogram shows the total number of articles for each of your selected organisations within each subject classification.
  2. A key detailing the organisation name and their corresponding chart colour is shown at the top.
  3. A heatmap below shows the subject classification coverage for each organisation. The warmer colours indicate a broader coverage within the subject.
  4. The table below shows the full figures including total number of articles, articles by subject and subject coverage.

Filtering your view

Filtering your view
  1. Hover over each organisation to highlight it within the charts.
  2. Filter the date range of your results using the “From” and “to” drop-down selections.

Drilling down through Inspec subject classifications

Drilling down through Inspec subject classifications
  1. Click on one of the subject classifications to view the next level of detail:
  2. You can drill-down through up to 5 levels of classification codes to compare organisations at broad or niche levels.